A physical examination is a routine test that Hatboro Medical Associates performs in order to evaluate your overall health. We also refer to this as a wellness check.

The purpose of an annual physical examination helps us determine the general status of your health. It also gives you a chance to talk to our staff about ongoing pains or symptoms that you’re experiencing, or any other health concerns you might have.

A physical examination is recommended at least once a year, especially for people over the age of 50. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), these exams are used to:

  • check for possible diseases, so they can be treated early and identify any issues that may become medical concerns in the future
  • update any necessary immunizations
  • ensure that you are maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine
  • build a relationship with your doctor



Each patient, condition, and injury is unique. That’s why we take a comprehensive and compassionate team approach to treating our patients, delivering customized plans to help them get healthy and stay healthy.