At Hatboro Medical Associates we do our best to keep our patients and their families informed. Below you’ll find answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

If you have a question that we did not address on our website, please contact us.

Yes. If you are scheduling a non-emergency office visit, you may choose whichever staff member you wish to see. If you need to be seen on an emergency basis, any one of our staff members on call may see you.

Our staff works various morning, afternoon, and evening shifts throughout a given week. Some have schedules that change more frequently than others. It’s best for you to contact us online or by telephone if you have a specific date and time-of-day requests.

The fee for an office visit will vary, based on the complexity of medical decision-making required, the number of problems addressed, the accompanying procedures that are performed, etc.

No. We bill the same fees for all services regardless of whether you are insured or not, and regardless of the company with which you are insured. The amount you may have to pay is dependent upon the rules of your particular insurance plan.

We participate with over 40 major health insurers and networks. We insure some of the largest member-groups in our area such as Aetna US Healthcare, Keystone Health Plan East, CIGNA, Personal Choice, Independence Blue Cross, Pennsylvania Blue Shield, Medicare, and others.

If your doctor determines that there is a medical necessity for you to be referred to a specialist or facility, he or she will gladly refer you. The doctor may need to see you in our office before making such a determination.

Generally, referrals for one visit to a specialist or facility are good for 90 days. Referrals written for multiple visits or certain procedures may have different expiration times, depending on your particular insurer’s rules.

If the doctor is in the office on the day you call, he or she is probably in the middle of seeing scheduled patients. The doctors review all phone messages they’ve received at the end of their work day. They return calls personally, when necessary, or have a staff member call with the information you need.

Our doctors make every effort to stay on schedule while ensuring that every patient they see gets adequate time with them. They frequently encounter emergencies that require their immediate attention and they must “detour” briefly from the schedule. Typically, most doctors are able to see you within 20 minutes of your scheduled appointment time.

No. Due to the demands on our time in the office we are currently not visiting the hospital. We feel that our efforts to provide excellent primary care are best spent by being available to you for office visits.

Yes. We currently visit patients at Masonic Village at Warminster.